Tech firms must align on ambitious ESG standards

With the debate surrounding environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles persisting, one of the few unanimous conclusions is that all of us – from governments and policymakers to NGOs, citizens, and businesses – have a critical role to play.

The recent COP28 Summit has bolstered my sense of collective action. We’ve just endured one of the most challenging years on record, with smoke-filled air turning the skies of Manhattan deep orange, and scenes of destruction causing devastation across Greece, Haiti, and Libya. The effects are being felt ever closer to home, with the UK Health Security Agency recently warning that the climate crisis could cause 10,000 extra UK deaths every year by 2050. As such, milestone targets to triple the use of renewables and double energy efficiency by 2030 are welcome, even if question marks linger over how this will be financed.

The creative solutions we need are already here


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