Writing SEO Friendly Articles

Priority the User Experience
User experience or user experience.

This point I enter as the first point because I consider the most important element in writing SEO friendly articles. And later on, other points that have written this is also much connected with the user experience or commonly called UX.

Why user experience?

Because it is very difficult to be manipulated, for detail seo agency jakarta

Unlike backlinks and content, user experience is very difficult to manipulate because it is out of our control as a web owner. So, do not be surprised if this is one important factor that Google uses to minimize the ranking manipulation in search engines them.

The purpose of the user experience here is the activity and user response as they browse our blog. Starting from how long they read, the response to the articles they read, how many pages they opened, which parts of the web they clicked on, and so forth.

Logically, the longer and more comfortable they are in a web, the more qualified the content of the web.

Although this issue is still a debate, but many argue that Google can track almost all our browsing activities, even without using their properties like Google analytic, Google toolbar or Google chrome.

The findings of a member of Blackhatword named John Limbocker reviewed here little open my eyes about how Google uses the user experience as one of the ranking factors of the site.

So se-expert any technique of writing your SEO articles, if not pay attention to user experience then most likely the results will not be maximal.

Anything that goes into the category of user experience? Many.

Quality content is one of them.

Other factors that affect the user experience for example:

Website Design / Blog is professional
Easy navigation
The size and type of fonts are easy to read
Minimize spelling errors (typo)
Good interactions (comments, discussions, share, etc.)
Loading speed
Responsive design
The essence of UX is, presenting quality content and website by placing the reader as the main target.

Use Keyword in Article Title
This is a must if you want to be more competitive in SERP. Because the title (title) is the first element in Google crawl to determine the topic of an article.

Not giving the main keyword in the title is the same as telling Google to guess the theme of your post.

The best keyword laying on the title is the beginning of a word. The more to the left (to the beginning of the word) the better.

But this is not a necessity because it also adjusts to the overall title to keep it nice to read and invite clicks.

Do not get just because you want more SEO-friendly, the title of your article even so strange and hard to read.

example title of article

The phenomenon that often occurs in local websites, many are actually sacrificing the user (reader) just for the sake of pursuing the main keywords in the post title.

20 Model Type Best PC Computers Latest 2016
Best New Style Dress 2016 Muslim Dress Style!
Model and Design of Modern and Best SarimBit Batik Clothes
Familiar with title-title puzzling post like above ??

For the length of the title, try less than 71 characters. This limit is not standard because it depends on the number of pixels used per character.