Who has the longest waiting time to cash in their Money in the Bank contract? (It’s not Seth Rollins) 

Winning the Money in the Bank contract can be a monumental event in the career of a wrestler. Not only does it place a superstar in a position to challenge for his/her desired title, but it also helps write their name in the history books along with the elite wrestlers who have won this competition.

While some WWE Superstars look for the first opportunity to cash in their MITB contract, others have a long wait. With the competition having so many different winners and so many unique storylines, many wonder who waited the longest before cashing in their contract.

The answer to this question is Carmella. After winning the Money in the Bank match in 2017, Mella waited 287 days to cash in her contract. While the 35-year-old had a few unsuccessful attempts in these 287 days, she ultimately cashed in her contract to beat Charlotte Flair and win the SmackDown Women’s Championship.

Watch Carmella cashing in her Money in the Bank contract in the video below:


While 287 days is certainly a long wait, it paid off for Carmella. Not only did she win the title, but the WWE Superstar also defended her championship against the likes of Flair and Asuka. She eventually lost her title at SummerSlam, with Becky Lynch ending her 131-day reign as champion.

WWE Legend speaks about the importance of Money in the Bank

The superstars who win their respective briefcases are almost sure to face an upward trajectory in WWE. After all, that has been the case since this concept first came into existence at WrestleMania 21. Since then, the competition has been a massive success and opportunity for many.

Recently, WWE legend Road Dogg spoke about the importance of the event. During a podcast, the legend explained the role a MITB ladder match winner has to play. Dogg also mentioned that being chosen to win this competition is not something to be taken for granted. He said:

“Is this individual [someone] who you literally trust with the next year of television? You want this Money in the Bank person to play a proper and important role in the year-long creative of a champion having to look over his shoulder. That guy is not chosen lightly, so it means a world of good for that guy. Ribbingly, he’ll probably have to carry the briefcase on airplanes and stuff, but for real it’s like a real shot in the arm creatively for an individual.” [H/T Wrestling Inc]

Check out what Road Dogg said in the video below:


This year, the Money in the Bank PLE has an epic title defense lined up

Usually, when Money in the Bank approaches, the WWE Universe has its eyes set on the ladder matches, and rightfully so. However, at this year’s event, a major attraction will be the title match between Seth Rollins and Finn Balor.

After defending his World Heavyweight Championship against Balor’s teammate Damian Priest, Rollins accepted a challenge from Balor. This acceptance led to the excitement of many as both Rollins and Balor share a history, with the latter having a score to settle.

In 2016, Finn Balor beat Seth Rollins to become the inaugural WWE Universal Champion, but that reign was short-lived as he had to relinquish the title due to injury. This will be Balor’s first proper opportunity to seek revenge. This year, Money in the Bank will take place on July 1st at the O2 Arena in London, England.

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