WATCH | Pennsylvania: Dog eats $4,000 cash money, sends family on recovery mission

A Pittsburgh couple's Goldendoodle, Cecil, has gone viral after eating $4,000 in cash. Staff illustration with photo of Cecil courtesy of the Law family

A Pittsburgh couple’s Goldendoodle, Cecil, has gone viral after eating $4,000 in cash. Staff illustration with photo of Cecil courtesy of the Law family | Image:Unsplash

A couple from Pittsburgh is gaining widespread attention after their dog indulged in a notably costly snack. After withdrawing $4,000 in cash from their joint savings account, Clayton Law, aged 34, intended to use the money for a new fence. Placing the cash on the kitchen counter, Clayton’s plans took an unexpected turn before he could secure it in a safe place. Unfortunately, the couple’s 7-year-old Goldendoodle, Cecil, had different ideas for the cash, resulting in an unusual and mischievous act for the normally well-behaved canine.

“We were in shock. We couldn’t believe he had eaten the cash,” said Carrie about December incident.

“He never does anything like this,” Carrie  added.

Contacting their veterinarian, the Laws were reassured that there was no need to be concerned as long as Cecil displayed normal behavior.

“I then started Googling ‘dog ate money’ to figure out what to do,” said Carrie.

“Next, I called our bank and explained the situation. They were so nice,” she added.

The only task remaining for the couple was to keep an eye out for any signs of movement.

Recovery of the bills

The Laws dedicated the remainder of their day to reconstructing the bills, as Cecil had vomited some, while others were retrieved from the other end. Side by side at their utility sink, the couple sifted through the aftermath, experiencing a mix of disgust and relief as they discovered intact wads of cash. Carrie vividly recalled the unpleasant smell during the process.

Carrie took to her Instagram to chronicle the entire ordeal, sharing images of Clayton, clad in gloves, meticulously going through excrement to retrieve and clean the crumpled bills. She playfully set her Instagram video to Enya’s “Only Time.”

Instagram video shared by Laws explaining the entire incident

Incident occurred in December, 2023

The incident occurred in early December, with Carrie’s video posted on Dec. 14. Surprisingly, it has garnered nearly 200,000 likes and attracted coverage from various outlets, including the New York Post and the Washington Post.

Expressing her astonishment at the post’s viral spread, Carrie mentioned that she initially shared it for friends to laugh at the absurdity of the situation. She appreciates that the story brings joy to people and allows them to glimpse into Cecil’s quirky personality. Carrie noted that the incident has prompted numerous money-laundering jokes.

How much cash was recovered?

In total, the couple managed to retrieve a significant portion of the $4,000, precisely $3,550.

“Cecil is such a good boy!” said Carrie.

“We were never mad at him. You can’t blame a dog for being a dog. He’s stayed out of trouble and seems to have forgotten his expensive taste,” she added.

In their situation, the Laws’ bank replaced the recovered bills with intact serial numbers.