The Best Clothing Items In The Game (& Where To Find Them)


  • The recent changes to Cyberpunk 2077 have improved the clothing system by removing armor values from most clothing items, allowing players to focus on style rather than stats.
  • The game now emphasizes investing in cyberware for enhanced armor, while clothing is primarily for vanity purposes.
  • The article highlights some new and iconic clothing items in the game, including the Biosynthetic Spider Silk Dress, Silkie With Modacrylic Fur Trim, and Adaptive Ballistic Mask With Magnetic Seal, and provides locations for players to find them.

Style is an important part of V’s identity in Cyberpunk 2077. Not only is expressing one’s style part of life in Night City, but depending on what build the player is going for, finding the best and most ideal clothing items as soon as possible is a huge advantage. Many of the game’s most iconic and strongest clothing items aren’t easy to find. In fact, they can be incredibly easy to miss, unless they’re tied to a specific mission. It’s recommended to keep one’s eyes peeled when hunting down these incredibly great-looking clothing items.

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With the recent changes that have been made to Cyberpunk 2077, the clothing system itself has undergone a massive overhaul, addressing a lot of the complaints that players had about this system. The idea of wearing tacky pieces of armor to decide what V’s defenses would be was an idea destined to fail, and CD Projekt Red understandably removed armor values from most pieces of clothing to make for a more realistic and immersive experience. Players need to invest in cyberware to enhance their armor now, with V’s attire being largely for vanity purposes… as it should’ve always been.

Updated October 5, 2023 by Ritwik Mitra: The redemption arc of Cyberpunk 2077 is a thing of beauty, with the title finally reaching the level of quality and excellence that players wanted to see for the longest time.

Some people may argue that these changes happened way too late, but Cyberpunk 2077 has remained in the mainstream gaming conversation for quite some time despite having one of the most horrible launches. Update 2.0 seems to be the final upheaval of Cyberpunk’s systems, and fans can’t wait to see the level of violence, passion… and fashionable clothing choices that will be present in the sequel if the first game is anything to go by.

23 Biosynthetic Spider Silk Dress

Biosynthetic Spider Silk Dress in Cyberpunk 2077

  • Location:
    Bought from the Satoshi clothing vendor

Phantom Liberty is certainly a step in the right direction for the game, changing many systems to great effect. The fact that armor isn’t attached to clothing anymore means that players can try out the fit they want instead of feeling like they have to wear clothing with the highest stats regardless of how bad it looked… even if the transmog system helped alleviate this issue to an extent.

The Biosynthetic Spider Silk Dress is one of the many new pieces of clothing added by this expansion, with this dress looking absolutely gorgeous on female V. Of course, male V doesn’t have to restrict himself from wearing this piece of clothing either, with this dress allowing the main character to look fabulous as they slice and dice their enemies to ribbons.

22 Silkie With Modacrylic Fur Trim

Silkie With Modacrylic Fur Trim in Cyberpunk 2077

  • Location:
    Bought from David, the clothing vendor

There’s something about outfits meant to be comfortable while still looking incredibly unique that makes them such a joy to behold in-game, and that’s precisely the kind of look this particular piece of clothing evokes. There’s something unique about stepping into a firefight looking like V had just stepped out of the shower.

This over-the-top fur trim coat looks incredible and makes V pop out no matter where he is. Of course, this should ideally work against the player if they like opting for more stealthy approaches… but it’s infinitely more sensible for players to just have fun in a functional stealth system instead of worrying about what they’re wearing every single time they try to break into enemy bases and headquarters.

21 Adaptive Ballistic Mask With Magnetic Seal

Adaptive Ballistic Mask With Magnetic Seal in Cyberpunk 2077

  • Location:
    Bought from David, the clothing vendor

While armor has been removed from most clothing items following the 2.0 update, some pieces of clothing still provide an armor boost, although this is so minor that players don’t need to bother. Certain ballistic helms and vests allow V to enjoy this small increase in their armor stat, with this mask being a stylist way to reduce damage.

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Of course, the fact that this completely covers the face that players spent hours making can be a huge detriment in its own right. However, some players who don’t mind this minor change can certainly appreciate how cool this mask looks, making V actually look like a serious stealth operative who takes no prisoners whenever an enemy crosses his path.

20 David’s Jacket


  • Location:
    Obtained at the end of the

    Over the Edge quest

The story of David Martinez is a tragic one, with his sacrifice being critical to protect Lucy from the might of Adam Smasher. Players who loved Studio Trigger’s anime can wear David’s Jacket in the game if they wish!

After seeing the iconic Edgerunners symbol and checking out an illegal braindance, V gets some messages that lead him to obtain David’s Jacket. This legendary piece of equipment looks pretty great and has great stats depending on the level V has before seeking this jacket out.

19 Johnny’s Tank Top

Cyberpunk 2077 Johnny Silverhand crossing his arms

  • Location:
    Obtained at the end of Search & Destroy

Johnny Silverhand is an interesting character who is played by the great Keanu Reeves. It’s only a given that he’s one of the best parts of the game, and his interactions with V are the cherry on top of a masterful and emotional experience.

Players who really love Johnny Silverhand can aspire to be just like him by wearing this rockerboy’s clothes, down to his iconic tank top. It’s a simple piece of clothing, but it’s the history behind this tank top that makes it such a valuable thing to acquire.

18 Johnny’s Aviators

Johnny Silverhand

  • Location:
    Received automatically during A Cool Metal Fire

Of course, Johnny’s tank top won’t be enough to complete this look. The frontman of Samurai had several other articles of clothing that made his look so iconic, with his aviators being a crucial part of the outfit.

Johnny wears his aviators and pulls this look off several times throughout the game, and it’s only a given that players would also want to wear this at one point. Thankfully, players can get Johnny’s aviators during the events of Chippin’ In without having to worry about missing it.

17 Johnny’s Shoes

Johnny Silverhand Relaxing With His Feet Up On A Table

  • Location:
    Can be found inside a locker during Gig: Family Heirloom

Another vital piece of equipment that players should seek out if they wish to complete Silverhand’s set is his boots. Unlike most of his other articles of clothing, getting Johnny’s shoes can prove to be a bit more complicated.

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Players need to initiate the Gig: Family Heirloom and loot the quest-important locker in this mission to get these boots. It’s a pretty decent piece of clothing that is quite stylish to boot.

16 Wolf School Jacket

Wolf School Jacket in Cyberpunk 2077

  • Location:
    Present from the start of the game in V’s closet

It would be impossible to talk about CD Projekt Red as a developer without mentioning the game that made them so popular in the first place. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is an absolute masterpiece of a game, and it was only a matter of time before Cyberpunk 2077 would pay homage to this title.

Players can get a pretty rad-looking jacket in their storage once they gain access to their apartment. The Wolf School Jacket emulates the armored look of Geralt’s medieval armor, which surprisingly fits in with the whole futuristic aesthetic of Cyberpunk 2077.

15 Puncture-Resistant Rocker Ankle Boots

Cyberpunk 2077 Puncture Resistant Rocker Ankle Boots Location

  • Location:
    Downtown, City Center, nearby Skyline & Republic data term

Located north of the data term in question, players will need a Body skill of 12 to access this caged-off area with a dead body inside. Loot the body for these shoes.

The attire is definitely pretty cool-looking and worth checking out for players who want to get their hands on a decent pair of boots in the game.

14 Elastic Flame-Resistant Rocker Pants

Cyberpunk 2077 Elastic Flame Resistant Rocker Pants Location

  • Location:
    Corpo Plaza, City Center, west of the Downtown North data term

These pants are found in a very similar way to the shoes above. In City Center, there’s a caged-off area that can only be opened with a Body perk level of 12.

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They’re pretty snazzy and a great addition to V’s look… as long as players know what they should pair it up with.

13 Duolayer Polyamine Rocker Vest

Cyberpunk 2077 Duolayer Polyamine Rocker Vest On V

  • Location:
    Kabuki, Watson, near the Bellevue Overwalk data term, third floor

Still in the category of rocker clothing, this vest can be found in one of the easiest locations in the game, right in Kabuki. It’s a must-have piece of equipment.

Pretty much anything with ‘rocker’ in their name makes for a great piece of clothing, and this vest is no exception to this golden rule!

12 Corporate Blazer With Bulletproof Lining

Cyberpunk 2077 Corporate Blazer With Bulletproof Lining on V

  • Location:
    Northside, Watson, next to two round, cylindrical constructions

Head to the extreme northern parts of Northside. On the map, two round-shaped buildings will mark the location. The area should have a heart-shaped neon sign with “love” written on it and a body with a machete stuck to it.

The blazer is found on this corpse, which can make for a rather dreary thing to pick up as armor. Of course, given the looting-heavy nature of this game, it’s easy to see why most players won’t mind wearing this blazer regardless of its bloody history.

Cyberpunk 2077 Heat-Resistant Nanoweave Media Shirt On V

  • Location:
    Wellsprings, Heywood, down the docks from the Corporation St data term

In Wellsprings, players should take a trip down to the edge of the water by the curving docks if they wish to get their hands on a rather cool-looking shirt. At the very end, a dead body can be found with this piece of clothing on it.

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It’s not the ideal source of great clothing… but players won’t mind as long as their fit looks perfect with the addition of this shirt.

10 Cushioned Techie Baseball Cap

Cyberpunk 2077 cushioned techie baseball cap

  • Location:
    Rocky Ridge in the Badlands, in the basement

This baseball cap looks different from any other one, and its appearance alone makes it worth hunting down. It’s a Legendary-tier item, which can be found deep within the Badlands outside of Night City. Head over to Rattlesnake Creek and find the Border Crossing facility.

There’s a basement area that’s locked behind a door that requires Technical Ability 5 to be opened. The cap is found inside. It has a chance of having up to three clothing mod slots.

9 Samurai 2020 Tour T-Shirt

Cyberpunk 2077 samurai 2020 tour shirt

  • Location:
    Japantown’s Cherry Blossom Market

Players looking for some Samurai memorabilia should head over to the Cherry Blossom Market. A special side quest with Johnny called The Ballad of Buck Ravers can be started here, and it grants access to the 2020 Samurai Tour T-Shirt.

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Speak to the vendor selling Samurai memorabilia, and after completing the dialogue, the shop screen opens up. Players can buy the quest item, as well as additional items, such as the tour T-shirt in question.

8 Replica Of Johnny’s Samurai Jacket

Cyberpunk 2077 Johnnys samurai jacket on V

  • Location:
    During the quest Chippin’ In

One of the most wanted clothing items both in terms of style and stats is Johnny’s Samurai jacket, seen on the promotional footage of Cyberpunk 2077 as well.

This Rare and Iconic tier clothing item is closely tied to a quest titled Chippin’ In. During this quest, Rogue will give the jacket to V. The quests Search and Destroy and Tapeworm will need to be completed first, so keep an eye on any Johnny-related quests.

7 Polycarbonate Nomad Shirt With Reinforced Seams

Cyberpunk 2077 V with a nomad shirt

  • Location:
    Jackson Plains, Badlands, next to a Villefort Columbus vehicle

The nomad lifestyle is one of the more original ones in the game, and it comes with some fairly good items as well. This nomad tank top is one of the best picks in terms of looks.

Head over to the Badlands, and check into an area known as Jackson Plains. On one of the roads, there should be a blue van with scribbles on it, crashed to the side of the road. The shirt can be found on the corpse next to it.

6 Johnny’s Pants

Cyberpunk 2077 V with full Johnnys outfit

  • Location:
    Heywood, The Glen, during Gig: Psychofan

Unlike many other Johnny Silverhand items, Johnny’s pants can’t be found within a full-fledged side mission or main quest. Keep an eye out for a special gig titled Psychofan, which involves the player stealing Kerry Eurodyne’s guitar in The Glen.

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Get inside the apartment, and head to the bedroom. Johnny’s Pants can be found hidden inside a suitcase. Depending on the tier, it can have one to three clothing mod slots. The stats are level-dependent.

5 Repaired Zolotoy Pukh Snow Boots

Cyberpunk 2077 repaired gold boots

  • Location:
    Corpo Plaza, City Center, sold in a store called Avante Si Parla Mode

These boots might not look like the most stylish piece of clothing, but they are well worth snatching. The good news is that these boots aren’t found in some obscure location nor do they require the player to complete a particular mission.

Simply head over to Corpo Plaza in City Center, over to a clothing store known as Avante Si Parla Mode. The boots are typically sold there for approximately 664 eddies.

4 Enhanced Cebra Excentrica Carbon-Reinforced Trilby

Cyberpunk 2077 V with an armored fedora

  • Location:
    Delamain HQ, in the storage area right of the lobby

While completing to Delamain mission, this special hat can be grabbed so make sure not to miss it. It’s located inside the Delamain HQ, locked within a storage room that will require Body 10 to open. When entering from the lobby of the HQ, the storage room is located on the right side of the lobby.

This hat is a high-tier item. It also has a chance to generate some clothing mod slots, making it even more powerful. It might not look the best, but it offers a decent amount of armor.