Seth Rollins Retains World Heavyweight Championship Despite Attempted Money in the Bank Cash-In

Seth Rollins retains the WWE World Heavyweight Championship against Drew McIntyre on WWE Raw.

Seth Rollins started his 2024 off with a World Heavyweight Championship title defense against Drew McIntyre on WWE Raw. It’s a rematch from WWE Crown Jewel in November. A lot has changed since then, namely McIntyre’s attitude. Rollins has held the championship for over 200 days and counting and as it stands, Rollins hasn’t been pinned for almost an entire year. His last televised singles pin took place on Day 1 last year, January 2, in a United States Championship match against Austin Theory. But will “The Scottish Warrior” change that tonight? He sure got close.

Seth goes right after McIntyre as the bell rings, launching himself off the steel steps and onto McIntyre. McIntyre bounces Rollins off the announce table and tries to end the match early with an Alabama slam but Rollins gets ahold of the apron and the ropes, pulling himself back into the ring. He flies through the second rope but McINTURE moves out of the way, picking him up and slamming his head into the steps. Back in the ring, McIntyre punches Rollins and delivers brutal chops to his chest. He remains in control through the commercial break until he and Rollins start chopping each other back and forth. Rollins gets back up to his feet, once again flying over the ropes doing whatever it takes to retain the championship. 

Rollins stays on the challenger but McIntyre tries to reverse him so Rollins counters him into a DDT and heads to the top rope for a frog splash. McIntyre gets up, attempting a maneuver on the tope rope but Rollins follows through, superplexing him off the ropes. McIntyre stands and uses the falcon arrow for a near fall. The last commercial break of the night takes place which sees both men again trading shots back and forth. Rollins is seated on the tope rope raking McIntyre’s back which causes him to drop down. McIntyre gets back up on the ropes and they punch one another. He hits the white noise from the second rope for a near fall. Rollins kicks McIntyre in the head, goes for the stomp but McIntyre moves out of the way, reversing it into a future shock DDT. He kip ups and calls for the claymore but Rollins catches him midway with a sit-up powerbomb. A sequence commences: Rollins with an attempted corkscrew, claymore, Rollins kick to the face, pedigree, another near fall.

Priest once again attempts to cash in the MITB briefcase attacking Rollins with it in the process. As he hands the briefcase over, McIntyre claymore’s Priest and takes out Dominik in the process and he hits Rollins with a claymore. Rollins uses his ring awareness and gets his foot on the bottom rope. Angry, McIntyre rips the cover off the announce desk and lifts him up but Rollins counters for another pedigree. He gets him back in the ring and this time he doesn’t miss with the stomp. Rollins crawls to the cover, retaining the World Heavyweight Championship.