Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather Flaunts His Private Jet, Wads of Cash, Private Theatre Like It’s Just Another Day at the Office

How do you think a forty-six-year-old billionaire would be spending money? Buying stocks, high-value properties? Floyd Mayweather Jr. probably has his hands already digging deeper into those opportunities. But what about the rest of the days? When he’s free from boxing and other responsibilities? Today, fans got answers to those questions after getting a glimpse of how an average day goes for the uber-rich former champion.

There’s a reason why the moniker ‘The Money’ stuck with Mayweather Jr. For two decades, he was the most outstanding boxer worldwide, taking home paychecks that grew with each fight. By the time he retired in 2017, he was boxing’s first billionaire. Though still active through exhibition fights, a keen sense of business has, over the years, ensured a seamless flow of earnings in the boxer’s coffers.

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According to the website ‘celebritynetworth.com,’ Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s net worth in 2023 hovers in the vicinity of $450 million.


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The King-style lifestyle of Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Just so his nearly thirty million fans on Instagram get a fleeting look at how he spends his time and money, Mayweather Jr. shared a series of clips early today.

It starts with the former five-division champion deplaning from his 1994 Gulfstream Aerospace G-IV, with the name ‘MAYWEATHER’ gloriously embossed. Next, he pulls over an amount from a thick wad of bills and hands it to a duty clerk. The following clip has ‘Movie Night’ written on the top, and Mayweather Jr. could be seen walking over to theater numbered seven. The final hook shows him pensive in the cine hall, alone with no one to disturb him.

Fans might not have forgotten the epic incident that happened during an interview. Uploaded roughly a year ago on YouTube, it shows Mayweather Jr. amid a discussion in the podcast ‘The Pivot.’ The hosts were curious about how Mayweather Jr. and his squad travel in his private jet.

And without much ado, the former champion called up his jet’s pilot and asked, “So yesterday, you guys flew over to Vegas to pick my daughter’s mother up and my daughter and my grandson up right…so I need to I need you to fly over there because you got to pick a couple [of] people up you gotta pick some people up for me in Vegas okay.


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One of the hosts, in sheer disbelief, got up and remarked, “This is a whole different conversation.


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