Damian Priest Close To A Money In The Bank Cash-In, Extra Pyro In Place For Raw

When a WWE Superstar wins the Money in the Bank contract, they have 12 months to cash it in on any champion they like, whenever they like. 2023’s women’s winner Iyo Sky waited less than five weeks to cash in her contract, winning the Women’s Title at SummerSlam. Six months on from the Money in the Bank event in London, men’s winner Damian Priest still hasn’t cashed in. However, it looks likely WWE is readying for that moment very soon.

So soon that by the end of today (Monday), Priest might no longer be Mr. Money in the Bank. According to Better Wrestling Experience (via Wrestlelamia), WWE is close to having Priest cash in his Money in the Bank contract. BWE noted on a follow-up post that there will be extra pyro for Raw tonight, perhaps an implication that Priest won’t just be cashing in his contract tonight, but he will leave Raw as the new World Champion.


Damian Priest’s Money In The Bank Has Become Completely Irrelevant

As WWE waits to have Damian Priest cash in his Money in the Bank, other championship challengers have stolen his spotlight.

We already know that there will be a World Title match tonight on Raw as Jinder Mahal will get a chance to become a two-time Champion in WWE seven years on from the first time he won the championship. That match didn’t generate much heat until AEW boss Tony Khan shone a big old spotlight on it, asking why fans are fine with Mahal getting a title shot for noreason but complained about Hook challenging for AEW’s top prize despite his impeccable record.

Rollins To Mahal To Priest

Khan calling out WWE and Mahal was met with such a vociferous backlash that some fans now think The Maharajah might actually win tonight on Raw. Perhaps we see Mahal beat Rollins, likely with some help from an outside entity, but his second reign as champion ends abruptly thanks to a successful Priest cash-in. There’s also the possibility Priest’s cash-in is unsuccessful, although between the extra pyro and the position of Priest on the roster, that seems unlikely.

Whatever the plan, it seems like a lot of people will be tuning into Raw tonight, and that’s partly down to Khan’s social media antics. Rumors that a title change and a cash-in will close the show will naturally have people tuning in as well, even if it’s just for the last 20 minutes or so of the show. I’m a fan of Priest becoming World Champion, but I’m not sure what happens after that. I imagined the title being involved with Punk and Rollins’ feud, but if the latter doesn’t have the title, that naturally won’t be an option.