Cash Smart for Life offers Financial Confidence with its Literacy Program for Parents

Cash Smart for Life is a holistic financial literacy program for parents for their financial well-being with a heart-centered approach.

Alberta, Canada, Nov. 07, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Most parents find it difficult to discuss money with their children. They can find it awkward and avoid these kinds of conversations typically. Perhaps it is because when Parents contemplate how to bring money up they don’t know how and they may not have all the answers, or worse yet become afraid to talk openly about their own money issues. Usually, for most people these discussions are delicate, but if not addressed, they result in misconceptions for the children. Many young adults find the complexity of managing finances challenging, especially when they first start out in life, and it usually leads to poor judgments and excessive debt. The problem is made worse by the stigma that these kinds of conversations carry in our culture.

Cash Smart for Life is a financial literacy program. It provides a novel answer by fostering open and helpful discussions about money in families. Parents are given the resources they require through this program to lead their children to take charge of their financial future. Cash Smart for Life recognizes that this problem is not merely about dollars and cents; it’s about empowering you, the parents and the children at the same time to greatly boost self confidence with independence in young individuals. This program brings tremendous hope to parents that they can truly be a part of guiding them to stand on their own financially. What cannot be quantified with money is how The Cash Smart for Life Program naturally fosters another way to genuinely connect with your children with meaningful conversations that will arise. This is very good when the overall result is to have better relationships and ensure a better quality of life by building sound money habits with a great thought process while our children are young.

Winnie Lau, the Creator of The Cash Smart for Life Program, Author, Business Owner, and a Mother that operates a private financial practice in Canada. Before Winnie got to this place in her life she was raising her daughter in challenging financial circumstances, Winnie decided that she didn’t want the same fate for her child. She began on her own educational path and later shared what she had discovered with her daughter, Emaghea. Their relationship with money improved as a result of open and honest communication about money management, expectations, and desires. She explains, “I wanted my daughter to have a whole different perspective on money as she grew up and I never wanted her to be stuck in any toxic relationships because she didn’t have the money. It shouldn’t be a source of anxiety or a constraint on her. I want to help others learn from my experience, and Cash Smart for Life is how I can provide parents with the resources they need to become great at leading their children towards great money management skills”

Emaghea, her daughter on the other hand, moved out and discovered that the financial foundation laid during her upbringing had equipped her to stand on her own two feet, even with a minimum-wage job. She says, “It’s not just about money; it’s about realizing that you can create your path, regardless of your financial situation, money is a tool that I use to move through life”.

Winnie and her daughter Emaghea, Co-creators of Cash Smart for Life

Cash Smart for Life is an online course that mainly focuses on assisting parents on becoming financial leaders in the home. This program is designed to create an everlasting system that will bring financial ease over the course of one’s life and assist in sustaining wealth for future generations. It emphasizes the value of strengthening ties within families, encouraging healthier connections, and developing confident kids who experience less financial anxiety.

Cash Smart for Life is more than a program; it’s a community for like-minded parents. Parents attend this program to ask questions and share their experiences during live Q&A sessions. Parents are never alone in their attempt to provide their children with financial independence because of this support framework.

This mother daughter duo is what sets Cash Smart for Life apart from other family finance courses. The program encourages families to have open financial conversations and to build rapport and trust with their kids. Winnie and Emaghea not only offer their financial knowledge but also helpful decision-making and life skills. Instead of only teaching skills or shortcuts, they show you the proof of these lessons by their real life experiences.

Winnie and Emaghea are advocates for positive thinking, financial security and encouraging families to teach their children financial education from the home. No matter your upbringing, any parent can successfully lead their children to financial success and be their biggest supporters. This duo believes that the parents are the best and only people to be teaching your kids about money.

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