Birdman Teases Cash Money Reunion Tour: ‘I’m Putting Up $100M’

Birdman is looking to get Cash Money back together for a reunion tour — and he’s promised to blow a major bag to make it happen.

During an Instagram Live interview from the comfort of his private jet on Wednesday (September 13), the New Orleans rap mogul revealed plans to hit the road with the original stars of his iconic label now that B.G. has been released from prison.

While Birdman didn’t get into specifics, he did say that the “main players” will be involved, alluding to Lil Wayne, Juvenile, B.G. and Mannie Fresh. It doesn’t sound like fellow Hot Boy Turk, however, will be getting an invite.

“We definitely going on tour. I’m putting up $100 mil for it myself,” Baby said. “But one thing for certain, two things for sure, I ain’t guaranteeing that it’s gonna be everybody. I’m standing on business and that’s what it is. If it work out, it work out. If it don’t, it don’t. But we definitely gonna get this money, that’s for a fact.”

He added: “I don’t think it’s gonna be everybody, personally. Shit, I really don’t give a fuck — as long as we getting it. The main players gonna be there. First of all, I ain’t got nothing against no Turk at all, he’s still a [Hot Boy]. But I’m standing on business.”

Elsewhere during the conversation, Birdman elaborated on his frosty relationship with his former signee. When asked why Turk didn’t get the same “red carpet treatment” as B.G. following his prison release in 2012, Stunna replied: “To be honest, Turk ain’t have a relationship before he went to jail. I ain’t have a relationship with Turk, not at all.”

He added: “A lot of n-ggas do shit, say shit, and I ain’t forgiven everybody. I’m old school, old law, G code.”

Despite Birdman’s comments, Turk recently spoke about his desire to reunite with the Hot Boys following B.G.’s return home, suggesting it was “only a matter of time” until the stars align.

“For 20-something years, there’s been off and on talk about a reunion,” he told TMZ. “The situation was always somebody wasn’t around. I was locked up, I did eight years, eight months, 16 days, then the very year I came home, that’s when I think B.G. got sentenced in 2012.

“So the fans been wanting it for like 20 years. I believe we all want it too. I know I want it. So it’s only a matter of time when the right stars line up and things gonna work themselves out.”

While it remains to be seen whether a Cash Money reunion tour comes together — and how many of the label’s luminaries will be involved — B.G. appears to be dead-set on making up for lost time now that he’s a free man.

Birdman Teases New Cash Money Music From B.G. In Touching Welcome Home Video

Birdman Teases New Cash Money Music From B.G. In Touching Welcome Home Video

During a recent FaceTime call with 2 Chainz after getting out of prison, the New Orleans native said he’s looking to “flood the streets” with as many as eight new albums and get back to performing post-haste.

“If everything work out, man, I should be back on the road by November, man, December,” he said. “I’m lookin’ forward to it, but I’m boutta get in this lab — do me about seven, eight albums right quick, and just get to leakin’ that shit, man, puttin’ that shit out, floodin’ the streets.”

Birdman has also fueled excitement for B.G.’s comeback by vowing to re-sign him to Cash Money, the label he called home during the height of his career in the late ’90s and early ’00s.