Birdman Presses Druski For ‘Stepping’ On Cash Money’s Toes

Birdman has given Druski a hard lesson in why he nor his Cash Money empire aren’t to be messed with.

The comedian hosted an Instagram Live on Wednesday (July 5), during which he played his familiar role of the shady, cigar-smoking CEO of the satirical record label, Coulda Been Records, and scouted for new talent.

Druski sat through auditions from several aspiring artists looking for their big break, while also getting surprise visits from comedian/actor Mike Epps, comedian/podcaster Theo Von and rapper/internet personality Crip Mac.

The highlight of the night, however, came towards the end of the broadcast when Birdman swung through and confronted Druski for apparently stepping on Cash Money’s toes with Coulda Been Records.

The New Orleans rap mogul specifically took issue with the Sneakin’ In With Druski host biting Cash Money’s iconic logo and attempting to lure Drake and NBA YoungBoy to his label.

“I’ve been looking for you, n-gga,” Stunna said ominously as he joined the call. “I heard you was in my neck of the woods. I ain’t think it would’ve been gangsta if I pulled up on you … but you won’t come outside or inside, n-gga.”

He added: “It’s like you starting to step on my toes. You young n-ggas really got the game fucked up. I am that n-gga, n-gga! I’ve been watching this shit you doing. What the fuck is this record label you starting?”

Visibly ruffled, Druski apologized to Birdman and claimed he was unaware that he had business ties with Drizzy and YoungBoy.

“Listen man, I’m sorry for real,” he said. “Aye, I know about Ms. Gladys! Rest in peace to Ms. Gladys, boy. I heard that a million times, I love that song.”

Unimpressed, Baby replied: “Put some respek on my name, bro. Coulda Been Records? That shit sound like CMB, man! … I like what you doing, but I don’t like what you doing ’cause you fucking with fire, you fucking with real gangsta shit.”

Druski tried again to get on Birdman’s good side by claiming he was “waiting to get the money first” before bringing it to Birdman, telling him: “We were gonna eat together!”

That seemed to soften up the Cash Money millionaire, who offered Druski a proposition.

“How about you keep running it and I buy your shit into my shit and we become one, and I help you become a megastar?” he said. “Instead of this fake-ass label you running around with.”

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Druski Admits He’s Afraid Of NBA YoungBoy: ‘He Put That Fear In Your Heart’

After revealing that he has separate “issues” with Kevin Hart, who Druski recently hung out with, Birdman vowed to air out “all y’all comedy n-ggas together” before abruptly hanging up.

“Oh shit, Birdman gon’ kill us!” Druski said with a nervous laugh. “‘R.I.P. to Ms. Gladys, boy’ — what the fuck?! I gotta get off the air, sorry y’all. N-gga, Birdman gon’ kill us!”

As the hilarious interaction went viral on social media, many fans were left struggling to figure out whether Birdman was simply playing a part or was deadly serious.

“Either Birdman is an incredible actor or he’s really pressing Druski [crying face emojis],” one person tweeted.

“I can’t tell if Birdman was playing or serious which makes it 10x funnier lol,” someone else wrote.