Australian Financial Podcast Rebrands as ‘This Is Money’

The popular Australian finance podcast, ‘My Millennial Money’, is embarking on a new direction as it rebrands to become ‘This Is Money’. Recognising the evolving landscape of financial needs, this transformation reflects the growing demand for inclusive finance, property and career advice for people of all ages and stages of life.

Hosted by Glen James, a renowned author, commentator, and former financial advisor, This Is Money, and spin-off podcasts ‘This Is Property’ and ‘This Is Work’, will continue to deliver the same insightful content, in a fun, practical, and encouraging format. In addition, the podcasts will now have a broader scope that addresses the diverse financial, career and property needs of its expanding audience.

Having provided financial advice for over a decade, James found that rather than requiring a financial planner in the first instance, all people needed was a good spending plan and budget to get out of debt. This fundamental principle has not changed and is not unique to a particular demographic.

Glen James said: “The world is changing, but behaviours are not. When I created ‘My Millennial Money’ in 2018, millennials were the ones listening to podcasts. Now podcasting is one of the fastest growing mediums, with a diverse audience. This rebrand marks a strategic move to appeal to a wider demographic, going beyond the millennial generation to empower individuals across all age groups with the knowledge they need to thrive financially.”

With career and property trends hot topics, James also launched two new podcasts to provide advice on effective strategies to navigate the property market and take control of your career. James said: “Everyone may not own a house, but they own their career and should treat it like an asset, this is how important your career is!

“When it comes to property, we can get overwhelmed as there is a cultural norm to look to buy a house in the next street to where we grew up but simply can’t afford. A lot of the teachings on our property podcast help people understand other options in relation to property.”

James launched ‘My Millennial Money’ to provide simple advice on budgeting, spending and finance and in 2020 expanded the concept into two standalone podcasts focusing on property and work. With a thriving community of over 85,000 engaged individuals, the podcasts have become a hub for connection and support, encompassing discussions on money management, life strategies, property goals, career advice, and more.

In addition to his podcast success, Glen James is the author of the life-transforming book, Sort Your Money Out: and Get Invested, providing a holistic approach to personal finance milestones, from conquering debt to investing in property, shares, and personal development.

‘This Is Money’, ‘This Is Work’ and ‘This Is Property’ are hosted, distributed and monetised by Acast as part of the Acast Creator Network, and available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or your favourite podcast platform.

Guy Scott-Wilson, Acast Content Director, said: “The This Is podcast network has established itself as an incredibly well trusted source of personal finance, property and career education for Australians. A trailblazer in Australian podcasting, it’s growth and subsequent rebranding really tells the story of how podcasting has evolved as a medium over the last six years, and cemented itself as a key consumption habit for a broad range of Australians.”

As ‘This Is Money’, as well as the spin-off podcasts ‘This Is Property’ and ‘This Is Work’, take their place in the podcasting landscape, listeners are empowered to take control of their financial, property and career journey, regardless of their age or background.

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