All about Australian Open prize money | Tennis News

Along with offering a trophy and spot in the tennis history books, the four Grand Slams also provide serious financial incentive for the champions.

Here is what you need to know about the prize pot on offer at the 2024 Australian Open, the first Grand Slam of the year, to be held in Melbourne from January 14 to 28.

Total prize fund

The total prize money is A$86.5 million ($58.91 million), an increase of 13.5 per cent from 2023.

Tournament Director Craig Tiley said they had increased prize money for every round “with the major increases in qualifying and the early rounds of singles and doubles.”

How much will singles players earn?

First round: A$120,000

Second round: A$180,000

Third round: A$255,000

Round of 16: A$375,000

Quarterfinals: A$600,000

Semifinals: A$990,000

Runner-up: A$1,725,000

Champion: A$3,150,000

Comparison with 2023 champions

The winners of the men’s and women’s singles in 2023, Novak Djokovic and Aryna Sabalenka, received A$2,975,000 in prize money.

French Open singles champions, Djokovic and Iga Swiatek, received 2.3 million euros ($2.54 million). Wimbledon singles champions, Carlos Alcaraz and Marketa Vondrousova, received 2.35 million pounds ($2.99 million). US Open singles champions, Djokovic and Coco Gauff, received $3 million.

Prize money for doubles competitors

First round: A$36,000

Round of 32: A$53,000

Round of 16: A$75,000

Quarterfinals: A$128,000

Semifinals: A$227,500

Runners-up: A$400,000

Champions: A$730,000 

Prize money for mixed doubes players

First round: A$6,900

Round of 16: A$13,275

Quartefinals: A$26,500

Semifinals: A$50,000

Runners-up: A$94,000

Champion: A$165,000