7 Ways to Run an Effective Telemarketing Strategy

To be honest, telemarketing is often labeled as a disturbing activity by the public. It is not uncommon in our offices to hear co-workers’ complaints about, for example, the offer of making credit cards, offer interest-free loans, to other offers that do not know the time and tend to force. Maybe you also one also experienced it.

is it possible for a telemarketer to be a lovable person to potential customers? for more detail information : http://promoneyinfo.com/offline-money/how-to-make-money-from-phone-calls.html

The answer is, very likely!

This time, I will share tips for a telemarketer to ‘survive’ from shooting or outbursts of potential customers who are being called.

To be a lovable telemarketer, you must:

1. Have Reasons to Call

Of course a telemarketer must have a reason to call potential customers. No one who likes to get a phone is not clear. It is important to reveal the obvious reasons and benefits that potential customers will receive from receiving the call

A telemarketer should always think that the information to be conveyed is very important to them and will not waste their precious time.

It should always be remembered that the three principles in buying a product are cost-effective, quick and the solution is profitable. If you want to get noticed, especially from super-busy executives, it’s important to be more specific (especially when offering services).

Therefore, a telemarketer must have a deep product knowledge before starting telemarketing activities.

2. Doing Research Before Calling

Be a smart and intelligent telemarketer. According to research conducted by New Voice Media, by researching just 5 minutes before calling potential customers, a telemarketer can achieve prospect success and get a commitment to 86{cfe981d9804e4c9f1651a7252fc708b8e97ef56de298ad19ded36936b9bd6343} follow-up offer.

One of the research you have to do is find out who you are going to call, so you can customize the opening words that will be used. Being a detailed-oriented telemarketer will also support your research.

For example, a mining company has just issued a press release that they will open a mine in village A. As a telemarketer company Public Affairs who has done his research you can create an opening like:

“I know in your company press release that your company will open a mine in town A. We understand that village A has a number of conflict issues between C and E tribes that often complicate mine operations around it. Especially with the significant number of casualties from both tribes in the previous conflict. We believe, your company will be able to run its operations more smoothly when it has more strategic stakeholders management. We will be glad to help your company on that issue because we have experience researching A and surrounding villages for a dozen years. ”

Such an opening indicates that you have researched the potential needs of your potential customers. Although the prospect does not directly reach the deal, but at least you have built relationships with your prospective customers as well as showing your ability as a reliable telemarketer.

3. Questioning Calling Strategies

In the world of telemarketing, asking the right questions is harder than answering questions correctly. One of the keys to general marketing success is always exploring all possible questions from 5W 1H (Why, Who, Where, When, What, and How).

Of course these guidelines can also be used as a guide telemarketers in doing their duties. Before calling, always criticize a list of sentences that you normally use to be tailored to the needs of potential customers. That way, a telemarketer will get better feedback from potential customers.

4. Remember! Identical Phone with a Chat

Calling does not mean talking stilted like a robot that only follows the guidelines already given. There is a human element in the activity, so be flexible as a face-to-face chat.
Well, understandable even when chatting face-to-face for some people a rigid attitude difficult to remove. But, it can all be trained, if you really have the will.

5. Knowing That Calling Is Not Meaning Must Be (Always) Selling

Remember that calling potential customers does not mean selling and selling. If it is like that which becomes your principle as a telemarketer, then do not be surprised if you often get “spray” while performing the task. There are goals such as establishing a relationship on the first phone, for example, and can even continue to #email your marketing when business relationships are well developed.

Do not be too eager for sales, selling and selling, especially on the first phone to prospective customers. Please check back the opening example at some points above as an illustration.

6. Calming Yourself

Some telemarketers often only communicate one way; they talk a lot about the advantages offered and other products without listening let alone understand the needs of these potential customers. That is of course very annoying, is not it?

Indeed not all telemarketers have a flexible personality in communicating. But telemarketers should not be like that; just relax, take a few minutes to get yourself started before starting the phone.

Remember that the goal of a telemarketer calling customers or potential clients is to get them interested. Signs of success? Those who ask more or talk to you as telemarketers throughout the phone conversation, not vice versa.

7. Realizing That The First Calling Business Is Not Always Successful

In general, the first phone does not lead directly to the prospect deal. It must be realized as a fairness in telesales activities. The research conducted by Destination CRM shows that at least 5 potential customers are contacted to get a prospect deal. If you are confused about how to set up a suitable telemarketing strategy for your business, just use the services of a professional freelance business consultant.


It is not impossible to be a lovable telemarketer. By becoming a more intelligent and strategic telemarketer, all the ugly possibilities will be minimized. By doing things like research on potential customers, critiquing your telemarketing strategy, and being a quieter person while doing telemarketing activities, the potential for a prospect deal can be enlarged.