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What Advantages Do You Get from Mobile Field Shelters?

A field shelter by definition is a standalone structure used mainly by animals when they’re out there in the field. The purpose is to provide shelter from the outside elements and to give them a place where they can feed. While you might think that it is relatively the same to that of a barn or horse stable, a field shelter is actually unique in some ways.

Generally, field shelters are built in two different and unique designs; one being static while the other is mobile. The traditional and older version is the static field shelter, and based on its name, it stays in the same place or area for all its existence. This means that it isn’t the ideal choice if you are looking for regular field rotations.

Accordingly, the better and more suitable choice these days is a mobile field shelter. Because of the latest technologies and innovation in building, more and more people are realizing the utmost convenience and benefits of switching to mobile field shelters.
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1 – Building a mobile field shelter does not require planning permission.
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It’s no secret that one of the reasons why stable or horse owners no longer want to stick with traditional field shelters is because it’s way too inconvenient to furnish a planning permission. In the idea of planning permission, it says that if the field shelter is to be built with ground works carried out and if there is no single feature that will enable it to be moved to another place, it means a permit must be secured first before the building commences.

So the easiest way to go around that planning permission, which by the way takes a lot of time to furnish, is to choose a mobile field shelter instead.

2 – Flexibility is a mobile field shelter’s best attribute.

What’s even more remarkable about a mobile field shelter aside from the legal benefit mentioned above is the fact that it is more flexible. Considering that it literally is wearing skids, it means you can move it from one area to another without having to spend a lot of effort. This comes in handy in times when the weather outside is unfavorable to original place where the shelter is located. One example is when you need to move the shelter from one place to another in order to avoid mud or water buildup in the area where it is originally situated during the rainy or snowy season.

So with a mobile field shelter, it’s really all about realizing how convenient it is when you have a structure that’s flexible and mobile. Just make sure though you’re building yours with the help of a reliable mobile field shelter builder.